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What does a cow’s eye have to do with me?  

Hi. I’m Dr. Sheldon Margulies. In 2002, my son’s 7th grade science teacher had the class dissect a cow’s eye. I thought it would be helpful and more meaningful to the kids if I provided some thought-provoking questions, like, why do you immediately squint when your bedroom lights are suddenly turned on while sleeping? The teacher told me that those questions helped the kids relate what they were doing with the dissection of the cow’s eye to things in their own everyday experiences.

That experience inspired me to write The Fascinating Body, which answers the questions kids typically ask about their bodies. To begin, I asked the simplest question about the eye: what does the eye see? Light of course, but what is light? To answer that, I had to explain the atom, so I read a number of high school chemistry textbooks for their approach, and I realized why students were having such a difficult time with chemistry.

I found that chemistry textbooks are often written in long sentences with lots of terms the students don’t know. Only when I reread the sentences and really concentrated was I able to make a mental image of what the author was trying to say.

I thought that there must be an easier way to help students get interested (and stay interested) in science. Knowing what I know about the brain, I theorized that it would much easier if I started with an image, and then explained the image in plain English. So, I created Fascinating Chemistry using my own simple illustrations that I then narrated.

So, that is how my passion for teaching science began. A desire to help my son with his coursework ultimately developed into a lifetime pursuit for me. I decided during my retirement years, I would spend my time doing something that I think will help the youth of our country.

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