Editorial Reviews

Though this book may be aimed at teenagers, it’s a fascinating approach for anyone interested in how the body works. The author asks and answers hundreds of questions about our body in this book, which is divided into 15 categories and systems, from organs to skin to eyes, ears, cardiac, bones and joints. (Chicago Tribune )

Dr. Margulies has a wonderful way of explaining how the body works to those of us who never understood or even liked science. The Fascinating Body is a true family bible of the human body. (Eliot A. Cohen, Ph.D., author )

The Fascinating Body appeals to our natural curiosity by addressing all of those questions we have asked about our own bodies. With relevant questions and well thought-out answers supported by beautiful illustrations, Dr. Margulies leaves the reader with a real understanding of how the body works. (Julia Koble, National Teacher of the Year 2002 )

An absolute treasure trove of useful information about the human body and how to keep it running. The Fascinating Body will greatly broaden your understanding of the one thing you care about most – your own body. (Stephen Deutsch, M.D., Ph.D., Director of Mental Health Service Line, Department of Veterans Affairs )

This is a fascinating book on a fascinating subject. After each question and answer, I found myself saying to myself, “Now that’s interesting, I didn’t know that.” Dr. Margulies has done the impossible: made learning relevant, painless, and fun. (James Dugal, National Association of Biology Teachers Outstanding Biology Teacher of the Year 2003 )

You will not find a clearer explanation of the human body. I wish all my patients had read The Fascinating Body. If you ever want to speak intelligently with your doctor, I recommend you first read The Fascinating Body. (John A. Ulatowski, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A., chairman, Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine, Johns Hopkins University Hospital )

…a comprehensive explanation of how the human body functions… (Baltimore Sun )

…this is not simply a collection of oddball information about the human body. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette )

…provides a lay audience of high school reading-level with a ‘day-to-day’ understanding of human biology….extensive glossary. (Reference and Research Book News )

At last, a simple, easy-to-understand volume on the human body and how it works….Read this book for a clear understanding of just how your body functions. (Acadian Lifestyle )


About the Author

Sheldon Margulies is a board-certified practicing neurologist in Silver Spring, Maryland and a member of the American Academy of Neurology. He currently holds the rank of clinical assistant professor in the Department of Neurology at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences having been a clinical assistant professor of Neurology at Johns Hopkins University and assistant professor of Neurology at the University of Maryland and University of Alabama.

Dr. Margulies is the author of Everyday Doctoring: A New Approach to the Logic and Reasoning of Neurology and Medicine, a textbook on medical and neurologic physical diagnosis, and co-author of Learning Law, a textbook outlining legal reasoning. He has also published articles concerning the postconcussion syndrome and its causes; the medical evidence for and against the diagnosis of brain damage following mild head injuries; the Supreme Court’s 1993 decision in Daubert concerning the trial court’s role in excluding junk science from the courtroom; and the applicability of Daubert to the use of differential diagnosis and neuropsychological testing in proving claims of brain damage.