Homeschool Science Tips amid a pandemic (or anytime)!

Schooling in 2020…

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed a lot in our world, including education. If you are looking for a high school science curriculum to homeschool your child, help them complete a course they may have started before the pandemic, or worried about the effectiveness of your school districts’ distance learning – mandatory or voluntary, Fascinating Education could be just what you need! Whether your student struggles with science or is comfortable and eager to jump right in, Fascinating Education is for you!

We know parents have a lot of important questions to answer right now, and we want to help you do that. I am Sheldon Margulies. Have you found yourself asking these questions?

“How am I supposed to guide my child in learning material I don’t understand myself?”

“How do I find learning material that is fun AND effective?”

“How do I provide structure for my child’s learning, while working from home or accomplishing all of the other necessary tasks of the day?”

– or any number of other questions as you navigate this new world of virtual learning with your student? Let me show you how Fascinating Education can answer some of those questions for you

With Fascinating Education, you don’t have to be the expert OR the organizer!

Let me take the reins and guide your student through Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Anatomy! I am a neurologist, so to put it simply – I know how the brain learns best! I’ve successfully applied my teaching methods with over 2500 medical students and residents throughout my career. Our online courses are fully designed so there’s no lesson prep work for the parent!

Our lessons, reviews, and tests are all structured to guide your student through the learning process with ease. You’ll won’t need to worry about whether or not they are able to find their way to the material or work through the lessons on their own.

Yet, just because Fascinating Education is an online curriculum doesn’t mean your student is on their own. If your child has questions, you can simply send me an email I will personally answer it. I want those questions, because if your child is not understanding something, that’s on me – I’m not explaining it clearly enough. By answering students’ questions as they come up, I can work with them individually to ensure their own understanding of the material AND improve the course instruction for future students.

Fascinating Education is an efficient and effective approach to science education.

Students in schools across the U.S. spend an average of 3.7 hours a week on science1. In traditional high school settings, students will focus on one subject (biology, chemistry, or physics, for example) for the entire year. The Fascinating Education curriculum, on the other hand, covers what you need to know, in less time! That leaves more time for your student to explore other subjects or specialized areas of interest to THEM.

For example, our Fascinating Chemistry curriculum has a total of 19 lessons including a final problems exam. Each lesson takes about an hour to view. The review following each lesson also takes about an hour, and the test another30 minutes to an hour. Even if you assume your student will need 4 hours to complete a lesson, the total time to complete the chemistry curriculum is about 80 hours. Spending as little as 1 hour a day, 5 days a week, 80 hours is 16 weeks. That’s one semester to finish what is generally covered in a year in most schools.  Or make it two lessons per week and your student could finish in just eight weeks! That will leave them with lots of time to take another course in science or something else that is of interest to them.

Fascinating Education will make science REAL and exciting for your student.

Have you ever asked, “Why can’t learning be more fun?” While I’m not sure learning can ever meet the standard definition of fun (providing entertainment, amusement, enjoyment2), I try to make sure our lessons are exciting and engaging for students by making it relevant to their own lives. In our courses, your student will learn how the material explains or solves some real-life observations and problems. Watch your student get excited about everyday science in the world around them!

Fascinating Education lets your student move at a pace that works for them.

The lessons in each course are prerecorded allowing your student to pause or rewind the lessons at any time if they want to review any material or need to take a break. Built-in breather slides will allow your student to decide if they need a break during the lesson or if they’re ready, they can just continue.

Interested in using Fascinating Education as a supplement alongside your schools virtual learning plan? Clearly labeled lessons allow your student to easily find the information that correlates to what they are learning with their class and quickly dive in to learning more.

Fascinating Education is a tested and proven successful approach to learning high school science.

Dunbar Biology ResultsThe Fascinating Biology curriculum was field tested for one hour a week with 95 juniors at Dunbar High School in Baltimore, Maryland. Students’ standardized test scores in biology rose from a 40% pass rate to an 86.6% pass rate that year. Try a Fascinating Education sample lesson now and see how your student can achieve that success, too!

The Covid-19 pandemic has generated stress on many levels, and whether your child will be learning virtually with their school this fall or enrolling in homeschooling, you might be worried about how to ensure their learning continues successfully. Let Fascinating Education shoulder that burden and teach science to your student in a way that is fun and easy.

Want to find out if Fascinating Education is going to be the right fit for you and your student? You can try out sample lessons on our site https://fascinatingeducation.com with free samples available for Fascinating Intro to Chemistry, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, and Logic of Medicine.

1 Educational Testing Service, International Assessment of Educational Progress, Learning Mathematics, 1992; Learning Science, 1992; https://nces.ed.gov/pubs/eiip/eiipid24.asp


2 Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, s.v. “fun,” accessed July 30, 2020, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/fun.

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