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Chemistry is all around us – in our food, our clothes, the air we breathe – everything you can think of. Atoms bond to each other in four ways to create molecules.  How the atoms bond determines the properties of the resulting molecule.  In Fascinating Chemistry, you will learn how these special molecular properties explain the world that we live in.

Intro to Chemistry

In Fascinating Intro to Chemistry, Dr. Margulies gives students and introduction to intramolecular bonding. The method that atoms use to bond together and make molecules determines the properties of the resulting molecules. Understanding these bonds is crucial to understanding chemistry. This course is intended for middle school students, students considering taking Biology before Chemistry, and high school students who don’t have a strong background in science.


In Fascinating Biology, you will learn the basic principles of biology – including the components of life: cell membranes, taking in nutrients, creating chemical energy, growing and repairing, reproducing, maintaining a stable internal environment, and adapting to a changing external environment.


Physics helps us understand how the world around us works. In Fascinating Physics, we will study the laws of nature governing movement, energy, and sound. Further, we will study the forces of electricity, magnetism, gravity, and the atomic nucleus. As the course progresses, you will begin to understand how mathematical formulas summarize and predict events around us.

Anatomy and Physiology & Logic of Medicine

Fascinating Medicine is a two-part curriculum. The first course is Fascinating Anatomy & Physiology which helps you understand how the human body works. The second is Fascinating Logic of Medicine which explains the symptoms and signs that emerge when the body stops working properly and then sort through those symptoms and signs to arrive at possible causes for them.

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