Learning Science has never been easier!

Hi.  I’m Dr. Sheldon Margulies. Learning science can be fun and easy. Although I believe that learning is serious stuff and not all about games and animated adventures, that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable. Kids will stay interested if you give them scientific tools they can use in their own lives.  Making it easy to learn will help students realize how easy (and useful) science can be, contributing to their own growing confidence and pride in accomplishment to propel them forward. These curricula offer students something they can use in a way that students can readily understand without taking forever to do it.  So if you are looking for a home school, high school, online science course in Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Anatomy – you’ve come to the right place.  Learn science the easy way!

Over a 30 year career of studying the brain and teaching more than 2500 medical students and residents, several teaching techniques stand the test of time.  Each of these can be applied to science:
  1. Kids need to see the big picture.
  2. The illustrations should be simple, brightly colored, clearly labeled, and viewable on personal and mobile devices. Use common English – not technical talk (as much as possible).
  3. Seeing something is a great way to learn it.  Visual learning takes much less time than text-based learning.
  4. Start with assuming the student knows nothing of the subject. Give them the material in small bits.
  5. Emphasize looking at things and asking why certain things happen.
  6. Use testing as an additional learning opportunity.

Learn Science the Easy Way!

Samples and Outlines

Try Chemistry

In Fascinating Chemistry, you will learn the four ways that atoms bond to each other to create

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Try Biology

In Fascinating Biology, you will learn the basic principles of biology, including the components of life

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Try Physics

In Fascinating Physics, you will study the laws of nature governing movement, energy, and sound.

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Try Medicine

Fascinating Medicine is a two-part curriculum. The first part is Fascinating Anatomy & Physiology

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Educents top 101 Educational Websites & Apps - Science - 2016
Educents top 101 Educational Websites & Apps - Science - 2016

Top 100 Educational Websites seal - 2017 -Practical Homesschooling We are proud and grateful to win one of the Practical Homeschooling i-Learn Awards.  Fascinating Education won #1 in the Science Category of the 2017 i-Learn Awards!!  Thanks to all who voted for us.

Homeschool.com top 100 Educational Websites 2016 - Science - 2016
Homeschool.com top 100 Educational Websites 2016 - Science - 2016


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