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Hi.  I’m Dr. Sheldon Margulies. Although I believe that learning is serious stuff and not all about games and animated adventures, that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable. Learning science can be fun and easy. Students will stay interested if you give them scientific tools they can use in their own lives.  Making it easy to learn will help students realize how easy (and useful) science can be, contributing to their own growing confidence and pride in accomplishment to help propel them forward. These online science courses offer students something they can use in a way that can be readily understood without taking forever to do it.  So if you are looking for homeschool, high school, online science courses in Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Anatomy – you’ve come to the right place!

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Fascinating Chemistry

Chemistry is all around us – in our food, our clothes, the air we breathe – everything you can think of. Atoms bond to each other in four ways to create molecules.  How the atoms bond determines the properties of the resulting molecule.  In Fascinating Chemistry, you will learn how these special molecular properties explain the world that we live in.

Fascinating Biology

Biology helps us understand our connections to the world we live in.  In Fascinating Biology, you will learn the basic principles of biology, including the properties of life: cell membranes, taking in nutrients, creating chemical energy, growing and repairing, reproducing, maintaining a stable internal environment, and adapting to our changing external environment.

Fascinating Physics

Physics helps us understand how the world around us works.  In Fascinating Physics, we will study the laws of nature governing movement, energy, and sound. Further, we will study the forces of electricity, magnetism, gravity, and the atomic nucleus. As the course progresses, you will begin to understand how mathematical formulas summarize and predict events around us.

Fascinating Medicine

Fascinating Medicine is a two-part curriculum. The first part is Fascinating Anatomy & Physiology, which helps you understand how the human body works. The second part is Fascinating Logic of Medicine, which explains the symptoms and signs that emerge when the body stops working properly, and then how to sort through those symptoms and signs to understand causes.

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Fascinating Education wants to be your source for learning science.  Dr. Margulies’ approach makes science relevant to students’ lives by presenting science – not as a body of knowledge to be memorized, but as a tool to help students understand the world around them. To illustrate, Dr. Margulies offers these two lessons for you to enjoy and see for yourself if his methodology is a fit for your student.  If you have any questions, please contact us at fascinator@fascinatingeducation.com .  We are happy to answer any questions you have about our online science courses.

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