Fascinating Medicine is a two-part curriculum. The first part is Fascinating Anatomy & Physiology, which helps you understand how the human body works, and the second part is Fascinating Logic of Medicine, which explains the symptoms and signs that emerge when the body stops working properly, and then how to sort through those symptoms and signs to arrive at possible causes for them.

Fascinating Anatomy & Physiology will walk you through the body’s 14 organ systems, defined as those anatomic structures that a doctor specializing in that organ system would treat. Currently, Fascinating Anatomy & Physiology consists of lessons and scripts only, no quizzes.

Fascinating Logic of Medicine, which follows Fascinating Anatomy & Physiology, explains the particular symptoms (complaints) that patients develop when each organ system malfunctions, and explains the signs found on physical exam indicating malfunction of each of organ system.

Not only will you enjoy tracking down the cause of a patient’s symptoms, Fascinating Medicine will change the way you think of your body. No longer will you be “taking care of your body.” After Fascinating Medicine, you’ll realize that you are your body, one and the same.

By signing up and using coupon code MEDHALF77-1, you will receive a full year’s access at 50% OFF Fascinating Anatomy & Physiology or Fascinating Logic of Medicine if bought separately, or 50% OFF the combination price if bought together. This coupon will be valid until 06-30-2017.

Sample Anatomy Lesson 
Neurologic System

Neurologic System


Sample Logic Lesson 
Why do the Physical Exam?

Neurologic System


Fascinating Medicine Course Outlines

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Course lessons are laid out in a table format with buttons below each picture for access to the lessons, text scripts, and tests that correlate with each lesson.  Course pages look like this: