Learning Science Has Never Been Easier!

Fascinating Education uses an audio-visual technique to teach science in a step-by-step manner using plain English and clear illustration. This “right-hemispheric” learning approach takes advantage of the brain’s ability to process images more efficiently and more effectively than just reading text.

Fascinating EducationWhy it's UniqueWhy it's Appealing

  • Assumes students know nothing about chemistry, biology or physics
  • Slices the information very thin
  • Presents the material slowly and clearly – in plain English
  • Follows a story line
  • Shows how chemistry, biology and physics explain or solve some real life observation or problem
  • De-emphasizes terminology

Fascinating Education uses a right hemispheric “logic-limbic” approach, instead of the usual written text with explanatory illustrations.

Fascinating Education:

  • focuses on scientific facts,
  • eliminates the complexity of science by focusing on essentials, and
  • ensures student mastery of subject matter with periodic tests.

Fascinating Education’s use of technology is a natural for today’s kids who are as comfortable with computers as past generations were with books.

Students will love learning science using Fascinating Education’s method of teaching. They can actually see how science works in vivid color, rather than just reading about it. Using pictures leaves less room for ambiguity, and as they say, one picture is worth a thousand words.

Fascinating Education makes each subject relevant to the learner, eliciting curiosity in an environment that is more interested in teaching you scientific principles than in making you memorize facts and definitions. This is a great alternative for anyone wanting to learn the sciences, prepare for a test, or prepare for an upcoming school year in advance… whether it’s chemistry, biology or physics.

A course from Fascinating Education is a quick study; useful for any student enrolled in public school, private school, home school, or just plain interested in science.

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About Sheldon Margulies

Sheldon Margulies, MD - Author of Learning Law, The Fascinating Body, and Everyday Doctoring - Creator of Fascinating Education Science Curricula for Chemistry, Biology, and PhysicsDr. Margulies is uniquely qualified to create science curricula for middle and high school students. Being a neurologist, he understands how the brain works; including how we learn, how we focus our attention, how we retrieve information, and how emotion and motivation affect learning.

Dr. Margulies is the author of The Fascinating Body – How it Works, Everyday Doctoring, and Learning Law – The Mastery of Legal Logic.  You can learn more about each of these books by clicking the images below:




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